Fisher Catholic High School believes that participation in athletics, both as a player and as a spectator, is an integral part of the student’s educational experience. Such participation is a privilege, not a right, that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the team, the student body, the community, and the individual student athlete.

We believe that if you are to participate in a sport, and be great, it takes a total commitment from each individual. Our goal is to provide our student athletes the opportunity to be successful in every sport, develop their strength and skills more each year, and if they so choose, to play in collegiate athletics. Interscholastic athletics are considered a supplement to the school’s religious and academic programs, which strive to provide experiences that will help to develop the participant physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Students participating in the interscholastic program are at a prime age to learn Christian values and good sportsmanship, to experience the meaning of competition, to build character, and to develop personal qualities, which will enable them to become great people after their playing days have passed.


Fisher Catholic High School is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and competitively competes in the Cardinal Division of the Mid-State League (MSL). As a member of these two organizations, Fisher Catholic voluntarily agrees to abide by rules and regulations published in their official documents. The following regulations apply to all team members, cheerleaders, student-managers, student-trainers, and auxiliary assistants such as statisticians. Participation in athletics is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.


Before any student may participate in interscholastic programs they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All potential athletes must have an approved and signed physical examination form on file with the athletic administration BEFORE participating in try-outs (OHSAA requirement). Physical forms must be filed annually. The original physical examination forms will be filed with the school health aide / AT. Additionally, each student-athlete must have a completed concussion form for each season of participation.
  • All individuals affiliated with a team must have an Emergency Medical Authorization Form on file with the Athletic Department. This form will be given to the appropriate coach(es) that will have it accessible throughout the season.

For inquiries, please contact Katie Gillum, Athletic Director, at

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