Registration Information (2024-25)

Tuition Rate Information (2024-2025)


Upon recommendation from the Fisher Catholic Finance Committee, the Diocese of Columbus Finance Office and the Principal of Fisher Catholic approved the following tuition schedules for the 2023 – 24 school year. This will help cover the increasing expenses at Fisher Catholic High School while providing your child with a quality education.

It is important to keep in mind that the tuition revenue does not cover all the educational costs. Additional income for the school operating expenses comes from the Fisher Catholic High School Foundation, Bid O’ Luck Dinner Auction, parish support, and charitable donations.

Tuition Rate Schedule

1st CHILD = $8,450

2nd CHILD = $8,100

*A 5% prepay discount is applied to payment made in full by July 31, 2023.
*In addition to the above tuition rates, please take into account your family’s parish subsidy and available prepay discount.

Tuition Payments


  1. Tuition can be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account by FACTS Tuition Management on a 10 or 12 month basis. Monthly payments begin in July and continue through April or June. Families currently participating in the FACTS tuition automatic payment system will automatically be re-enrolled for the upcoming school year.
  2. The second payment option is to pay tuition in full by July 31, 2023 and receive a 5% discount.

Parent Referral Program

What is our Parent Referral Program?

  • Our Parent Referral Program was created for parents and students who are passionate about what is happening at Fisher Catholic High School and who want to invite their family and friends to join our Irish family!

Why are you passionate about Fisher Catholic High School?

You may be passionate about Fisher Catholic High School, because…

  • Our teachers and staff care about my child and go above and beyond to ensure my child is successful in all areas of life;
  • Our curriculum is faith-based and my child is given opportunities to grow spiritually through daily prayer, retreats, and service to our community;
  • I can trust the staff to keep my child safe;
  • I am engaged with friendly and loving families with similar values and morals;
  • Our teacher-student ratio allows for more one-on-one instruction in a rigorous academic environment;
  • Our athletic programs are successful and my child can participate in several extra-curricular activities;
  • Our teachers and staff instill a sense of discipline in my child’s life and emphasize and model what it means to be a respectful, courteous, and compassionate human being.

Why refer to Fisher Catholic High School?

  • In addition to the many reasons above, you may want to refer a family to Fisher Catholic High School to receive a $250 credit for each new family you help us enroll!
  • After a family has registered for enrollment and identified you as the referral family, Dr. Lozada will inform our Finance Department to add you to our Parent Referral List. Once the new enrollee has attended FC for a six-month period, you will receive a $250 credit towards your tuition account!



Families simply need to apply for tuition assistance by accessing FACTS from by choosing “Admissions” from the menu and selecting “FACTS” from the drop-down options. If you do not receive tuition assistance from the Diocese, there may be money available from Fisher Catholic, but you must first complete the application at FACTS. Diocesan Tuition Assistance information will be available at Fisher Catholic by January 2023. FACTS applications must be filed March 15, 2023.


To be considered for tuition assistance from Fisher Catholic, the FACTS application must be submitted online by March 15, 2022. Fisher Catholic and the Fisher Catholic Foundation will award tuition assistance on the basis of need.

  • Brenden P. Krannitz Scholarship : Applications are available online through The Catholic Foundation beginning February 1 at:
  • Shelly Strigle Scholarship: Applications are available online through The Fairfield County Foundation beginning December 1 at:
  • Shane Roush Scholarship
  • Robert and Mary McGraw Scholarship
  • Dr. Thomas Stenger Scholarship
  • Heather Sullivan Scholarship


For tuition assistance, the Diocese awarded $6,000, while Fisher Catholic and the Fisher Catholic Foundation awarded $66,000. For scholarships, students were awarded $31,839.

*Fisher Catholic High School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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