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The graduation requirements of Fisher Catholic High School exceed the minimum Ohio core curriculum as well as the religion requirements befitting a Catholic school of the Diocese of Columbus. The minimum number of credits and their distribution for each academic discipline are listed below:

Course Credits

4 Credits

4 Credits

2 Credits (of the same language)

4 Credits (mathematics units must include 1 unit of Algebra 2 or Algebra/Trigonometry)

3 Credits (science units must include 1 unit of biology, 1 unit of physical science, and 1 unit of advanced study in one or more of the following: chemistry, physics, or other physical science; advanced biology or other life science, or other earth or space science)

3 Credits (social studies unit must include .5 of American history, .5 unit of financial literacy, and .5 unit of American government)

.5 Credits

.5 Credits

3 Credits

*For Theology, this includes completion, with a passing grade, of the Junior service project.
*For English, this includes completion, with a passing grade, of the Senior English paper.

FCHS 2023 - 2024 Bell Schedule

1 7:50-8:32
HR 8:35-8:53
2 8:53-9:35
3 9:37-10:19
4 10:21-11:03
5A 11:06-11:48
Lunch1 11:06-11:36
5B 11:39-12:18
Lunch2 11:51-12:21
6 12:24-1:06
7 1:08-1:50
8 1:52-2:33

1 9:50-10:20
2 10:23-10:52
3 10:54-11:24
5A 11:26-11:56
Lunch1 11:26-11:56
5B 11:58-12:28
Lunch2 11:58-12:28
4 12:30-1:00
6 1:02-1:31
7 1:33-2:02
8 2:04-2:33

1 7:50-8:26
2 8:28-9:04
3 9:06-9:42
4 9:44-10:20
6 10:22-10:58
5A 11:00-11:36
Lunch1 11:10-11:36
5B 11:38-12:14
Lunch2 11:38-12:14
7 12:16-12:52
Mass 1:00-2:00
8 2:00-2:33

1 7:50-8:27
2 8:38-9:06
3 9:08-9:45
4 9:47-10:24
GUILD 10:29-11:19
5A 11:21-11:58
Lunch1 11:21-11:58
5B 12:00-12:37
Lunch2 12:00-12:37
6 12:39-1:16
7 1:18-1:55
8 1:57-2:33

1 7:50-8:27
2 8:38-9:06
3 9:08-9:45
4 9:47-10:24
6 10:26-11:03
5A 11:05-11:42
Lunch1 11:05-11:42
5B 11:44-12:21
Lunch2 11:44-12:21
7 12:23-1:00
8 1:02-1:39
ASSEMBLY 1:44-2:33

Volunteer Opportunities

Honor Roll 2022-23

Congratulations to the following students for making 1st quarter honor roll!

  • Ava Albert
  • Voni Bethel
  • Elyse Blackston
  • Ellie Bruce
  • Jayda Dixon
  • Jack Gentile
  • Ava Gundelfinger
  • Ruby Hagy
  • Bree Jones
  • Abby Krooner
  •  Claire Sickafoose
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Annie McGill
  • Elle Mitchell
  • Carley Crow
  • Vanessa Funk
  • Alyssa Hall
  • Clara Baker
  • Aubrey Beauseau
  • Poppy Clum
  • Sydney Ellis
  • Charli Gillum
  • Olivia Haynes
  • Grant Keefer
  • Lauren Kersell
  • Colin Michaelis
  • Maggie Murphy
  • Daschel Neighbor
  • Noah Reed
  • Chuck Schoenlaub
  • Mallory Stanton
  • Gavin Stewart
  • Abby Tripplet
  • Luke Ohwofahworaye
  • Luke Cairnes
  • Landen Funk
  • Angelina Guevara
  • Sydney Snoke
  • Lucy Watkins
  • Jacob Welsh
  • Reece Hagy
  • Nathan Maier
  • Jesse Thomas
  • Maryn Bruce
  • Ehtan O’Rielley
  • Mary Grace Crabtree
  • Elizabeth LaRosa
  • Brody Kersell
  • Nicholas Harris
  • Samuel Tencza
  • Aaron Brandt
  • Nicholas Ristau
  • Joey Ellis
  • Sean Michaelis
  • Noah Krile
  • Sammy McGill
  • Eve Ohwofahworaye
  • Ziynat Sodikov
  • Sarah Park
  • Dean Walton
  • Rori Barker
  • Drew Mattei
  • Simon Messerly
  • Emma SChmitt
  • Alex Snoke
  • Kaitlyn Watson
  • Olivia Proctor
  • Gage Armstrong
  • Silus Hopkins
  • Hyde O’Rielley
  • Thomas Ristau
  • Brandon Watson
  • Bobby Bennett
  • Kierra Sexton
  • Thomson Crook
  • Harper Kline
  • John Mertens
  • Alayna Muetzel
  • Mya Ohwofahworaye
  • Nicholas Sanford
  • Anjalliena Smyers
  • Austin Brown
  • Peyton Owens
  • Deaglan Neighbor
  • Thalia Chamberlain
  • Allison Krile
  • Erica Sharp
  • Evelyn Koehler
  • Naomi Bahule

Honor Roll 2022-23

Honor Roll Students

Use the Safe School Helpline to report threats of violence, depression, and illegal activity that could harm students in our school. Your report is private, confidential, and anonymous.

To make an online report, click the link above, or go to Alternatively, you can text 614-426-0240 then write TIPS. Finally, you can call 800-418-6423 Ext. 359

You and your friends deal with school issues every day. You know what we are doing right, and you can suggest changes that help us keep our schools safe.

At times, students like you overhear information that you don’t feel you can share. When someone uses drugs in the school, bullies, threatens violence, or commits illegal actions, it can hurt the school – and all of us.

We have subscribed to a service that allows students and parents to report this information anonymously. We hope the information outlined here will answer your questions and ease your mind – so you can help keep our school a safe place to learn.

We have contracted for this service through Security Voice, an independent company with no other ties to our school.

A toll-free number has been assigned for our school district. When you dial this number from your phone, you will be advised how to leave your information and are provided with a case number. You may exclude your name or other facts that could identify you. Then record your message.

To text, enter 614-426-0240, then type TIPS. to use the web, log in at and make your report. Your phone number and email address will not be shared with your school

Please report any facts, remarks, or actions that could jeopardize the safety of our children, staff, or school. Examples of threatening situations include:

  • Bullying
  • Violence
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Health & Safety
  • Thoughts of Suicide

Security Voice will send a typed copy of your message to the school. The school will then investigate the report, and determine how best to act on it.

You may report anytime, day or night. If calling, make sure that your call is not overheard.

Everyone within our school community, including:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers/Staff

Yes. If you see a student who is troubled, or overhear remarks like "I can't go on," please call or encourage the student to call the helpline. Callers need only press "3" when prompted. The call will be routed to a Counseling and Crisis Center that provides a 24-hour crisis intervention service. Trained counselors are available 365 days per year to talk with persons seeking assistance in coping with suicidal thoughts, depression, or feelings of loneliness and loss.

Yes. When you leave a message, you are given a case number that is yours alone. Enter that same case number when updating your message or answering additional questions.

After three school days, call the toll-free number and enter your case number when prompted. A recording will let you know your message was heard and may ask you for more information. If reported by text or on the web, Security Voice will contact you via a text or email. Your answers will be sent to the school administration for further investigation. Administration actions may be confidential, but your report is always important.

Yes. A free mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones at the Apple Store (search Safe School Helpline) and Google Play (search Safe Schools Helpline).

Yes, you may email photos and videos to Please reference your case number when sending. Also, photos and videos can be sent using the text and internet reporting options.

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