For 2024-25 award amounts vary based on income and family size.

– Ohio EdChoice Expansion Award Amounts FY25

– Ohio EdChoice Expansion Income Eligibility Requirements 24-25

  • Fill out an application for each student EVERY school year (even renewals). 
  • If your child already qualifies for the John Peterson Scholarship, that child CANNOT receive the EdChoice Scholarship, BUT if you have other children, you  should apply for them.
  • Fisher Catholic High School families should submit their application as soon as possible.
  • Use the FCHS Four Step-By Step Guideline below.
  • NEW Process for 24-25 School Year – Complete & Submit Your Application Form BEFORE submitting Income Verification Form, if needed. (See FCHS Four Step-By-Step Process below).
I applied last year
  • Complete the Renewal Application
  • Income verification is not necessary unless your family has lost income
  • Wait for re-approval

Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Apply to Fisher Catholic High School

Step 2: Complete and send the EdChoice Request Form to FCHS Admissions, Erin Ellis (eelis@cdeducation.org)

Step 3: Send a utility bill with your home address and the student’s birth certificate to eellis@cdeducation.org 

Step 4: Dawn Burley, FC Business Manager, will submit your application to the State of Ohio. Dawn will confirm by email to you that your application has been submitted to the State of Ohio. Note: Your school MUST submit the application to EdChoice. YOU CANNOT submit your own application.

Step 5: Income Verification (Use Online Application Process) -PARENT/GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILE TO COMPLETE IF NEEDED. YOU evaluate if YOU need to submit income through your OHID account based on your family scenario. There are two family scenarios that are required to Submit income verification: 

  • If your family is AT or below 200% Federal Poverty Guideline
  • All first time NEW Request Applications

OPTIONAL TO SUBMIT  INCOME VERIFICATION: Families that had a change in income from previous year. You are encouraged to resubmit the Income Verification Form if you had a decline in your income. 

NOTE: If adding a sibling to a student currently on the scholarship, and above 200% poverty level, your income verification form on file will be applied to the sibling’s application.

Step 6: When you receive your Award Notice from the State of Ohio, please print and sign. Either email a copy to eelis@cdeducation.org, or bring it to the front office. This copy will be placed in your file. 

Families are still responsible for the FCHS Registration Fee ($125 per family) as well as any tuition amount not covered by the scholarship.

Step 7: FCHS staff will work with students to develop their schedule of classes

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